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Used Pontoon Boats - Santa Comes to Town in a Pontoon Boat

Used Pontoon Boats-North American Waterway

Cathy and Rick Here at Used Pontoon Boats. When the 25th Boat Parade of Lights plied the waters of Bridgewater Channel Saturday night, it was also the 14th time the magnificent float depicting Santa’s sleigh and nine reindeer, operated by Campbell Boats, has taken flight. It’s won awards at the parade in 11 of those years.

The float originally involved 10 boats, including one for each reindeer and Rudolph, who leads the way with a blinking red nose.

“When the challenge came down (in 1993) to do something, we thought if we’re going to do something with Campbell people we wanted to involve as many people as possible,” Campbell Boats owner Bob Whelan said.

Used Pontoon Boats-North American Waterway

Logistics and the difficulty involved in connecting the boats together prompted them to double up eight of the reindeer, reducing the boats involved to six. All are Campbell-built boats piloted by employees and customers.

Each reindeer is 12 feet high and 12 feet long. Strings of red lights act as reins, connecting the five front boats to “the limo,” a pontoon boat decorated as Santa’s sleigh that takes up the rear. A generator on the limo powers the light strings on all six boats.

On dark night, the float creates the convincing illusion of a sleigh and reindeer flying in the air above the choppy water.

On a tower at the back of the limo is perched Santa’s chair. J.R. Burby, who depicted Santa Claus for the third time Saturday, wasn’t looking forward to spending to an evening clinging to the swaying seat with one hand while waving with the other.

“I’ve been doing this for how long? And I’m not even an employee,” Burby said.

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Used Pontoon Boats, By Cathy Henry and Rick Ostler
Used Pontoon Boats-North American Waterway

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