Thursday, February 14, 2008

Used Pontoon Boats - Central New York Boat Show

Hi gang, Rick here from Used Pontoon Boats with another boat show update. We're in the midst of winter, but many people braved the elements to get a taste of summer at the annual Central New York Boat Show and Sale.

"Even though we aren't going to be on the rivers and lakes for another couple months, this is the event that kicks it all off,” said the show’s manager, Drew Wickham. "It's a great place to be on a snowy day."

This is the oldest and largest boat show in New York State with more than 500 boats on display. Dealers and customers hope to get ready for warm weather. John Kenny and his wife Paula are doing just that.

"I got my captain's license last year, and we're pretty excited about the opportunity of taking folks out,” said John Kenny.John has his sights set a pontoon boat. Shopping around and thinking about his plans for the boat makes him anxious for the arrival of warmer temperatures.
"When you see everyone on the brochures with their swimsuit on enjoying it, it gives you a feeling of come on spring,” said Kenny.

Crowds of people who share that same feeling are expected to make their way through the three showrooms during the rest of the boat show. It runs through Sunday. For more information go to

From sail boats to kayaks, there is something here for everyone. Dealers put in lots of hours and manpower to ensure their displays looked their best.
Thanks to Iris St. Meran, TWEAN News Channel of Syracuse for this.

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