Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Used Pontoon Boats - Pontoon Boats Needed for Cleanup Week

Hi gang, Rick here from Used Pontoon Boats with a message from The Logan Martin Lake Protection Association.

The Logan Martin Lake Protection Association will have its annual lake cleanup March 31 through April 5.

LMLPA board members met Thursday to discuss details of the cleanup.

The clean up is scheduled for March 31 through April 5 and requires plenty of volunteers to make it a success.

“The trash we remove equals the pride of our lake. In the past, more than 708.23 tons have been removed from Coosa River waterways,” LMLPA secretary Ann Moore told board members.

“The cleanup is a very satisfying thing that we endeavor to do,” board member Johnny Beavers said.

Letters will be mailed to lakefront residents March 21 with more information about the cleanup

Moore said it is important that residential areas name a street captain to motivate volunteers and distribute information and give assistance when needed.

“We need team captains so they can help us get the word out with the details to those that are not lakefront residents,” she said.

In preparation for the cleanup, T-shirts, gloves and bags will be distributed to volunteers Monday, March 31, from 8 a.m. to noon and Saturday, April 5, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Cleanup collection sites on both the Talladega and St. Clair County sides of the lake will be in six locations, where Veolia Environmental Services will have trash containers set up for disposal of trash. The locations include: Lakeside Landing, coordinator Don Greer, 205-525-4651 or 205-253-4651; Clear Creek Marina, coordinator Johnny Beavers, 256-268-0855 or 205-405-1880; Poor House Branch Marina, coordinator Ron Vaughn, 256-268-9156 or 256-761-5355; Woods Surfside Marina, coordinator Donn Brascho, 205-369-9828, or Pam Shoop-Bassett, 256-404-1249; Riverside Marina (includes Lincoln residents), coordinator Cliff Early, 205-338-4095 or 205-706-5141; or Ann Moore, 205-763-2113 or 205-365-5671.

“There are a few things that are going to be needed to make this cleanup a success,” Moore said.

Drivers who have pickup trucks with bed liners will be needed. They will need to have cell phones and must know the area. Pontoon boats are also needed to pick up trash in shallow areas. The pontoon boats must be equipped with depth finders.

“Volunteers are the life and blood of the cleanup,” Moore said.

Some of the past volunteers include youth groups, Boy Scouts, Kiwanis clubs, Logan Martin Lake Ski Club, Honda Manufacturing and Alabama Power.

LMLPA members said they were concerned about water levels for the cleanup and were trying to find out if levels would be lowered for the event.

“We have been blessed with the water and we need it. I’m not going to complain; however, that doesn’t give us much shoreline to clean,” Moore said.

As a “thank you” to volunteers, the LMLPA will host a festival with Blue Grass music, food and drinks at Lakeside Landing in Pell City April 5 at noon.

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Joseph Thornton, staff writer for The Daily Home.

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