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Used Pontoon Boats - Damage to the Pecos Queen Pontoon

Hi gang, Rick from Used Pontoon Boats with an interesting article from CARLSBAD,CA. The Pecos Queen lost her top Monday night. The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce pontoon boat, one of the fleet used for the annual Christmas on the Pecos event, was severely damaged by Monday night's windstorm.

"I guess the wind just picked it up like a big old parachute," said Rob Bauman, the chamber's executive director.

The windstorm ripped off most of the boat's roof. The boat's bathroom was also destroyed, and portions of the upholstery were badly damaged. The boat, when it isn't Christmas on the Pecos season, is kept in storage at Carlsbad's airport. It is the only member of the fleet still owned by the chamber the organization contracts with a local business, Carlsbad Cruise Lines, for all other tours.

Bauman said the insurance adjuster visited the boat on Tuesday.

"We'll have to replace the whole roof for sure," he estimated. "I'm sure it's going to cost several thousand dollars."

Last fall, the chamber spent $5,000 putting new upholstery into the Pecos Queen, he said.

Bauman said he's tried to find an indoor storage place for the boat in the past, but hasn't had any luck. He received a call Wednesday about a potential location, he said.

Area Skywarn Coordinator Wendell Malone said gusts at the airport Monday night peaked at about 60 mph. The average of Monday night's windstorm was between 35-45 mph. More information on the wind can be found at

It isn't the first calamity to strike the Christmas on the Pecos fleet. Two years ago, arsonists torched the Pecos King, then the flagship of the operation. At that time, the chamber extended its contract with Carlsbad Cruise Lines but kept the Pecos Queen operating.

Mike Calvani, co-chair of the chamber's Christmas on the Pecos Committee, said Wednesday that the recent damage to the Pecos Queen is a good example of why privatization is beneficial.

"What I would like to see is all of the boats privatized," he said. "My feeling is we ought to leave the watercraft to people who are in that business."
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