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Used Pontoon Boats - Nelson Boats in Australia TV Show

Hi gang, Rick here from Used Pontoon Boats with some cool news from the Nelson boat firm.

A Nelson-designed and manufactured boat is about to make a big splash in Australia, firstly as a central prop in the television industry and later dressed up as a police boat in a new TV series.

Nelson firm Alloyd Engineering has secured a contract with Gold Coast film company Shoot Management to supply a new Osprey 610 hard top boat as the company's media response vessel.

Alloyd Engineering Ltd owner Lloyd Elliott said Shoot Management handled on-the-water news items for Australian Channel 9. The boat would soon feature in a documentary being filmed on the Gold and Sunshine coasts for the Discovery Channel, for an audience of more than 150 million people worldwide.

"When filming is complete the Osprey will be dressed up as a police boat and will star in a new water police series pilot, before going back as the Channel 9 response boat," Mr Elliott said.

He said the company had now built more than 450 boats for several different markets, and annual turnover was now in the multi-millions.

More than 25 of the aluminium, pontoon-style boats were now used as water taxis in the Abel Tasman National Park, several were used in the aquaculture industry, but most were used as family recreational fishing and diving boats, Mr Elliott said.

The 610 hard top retailed for around $NZ80,000, but $12,000 would get a person on the water in an Osprey 4m dinghy. Around $240,000 would buy a luxury 8.5m version, complete with kitchen sink, Mr Elliott said.

Eight Osprey designs were used in Colorado as water research boats, and three container loads had recently been exported to Tasmania and Darwin.

He said their sleek lines, buoyancy and stability were key features, plus their ease of handling and agility.

The expansion in business had led to the company needing to increase the size of its premises and workshop staff from eight to about 12 over the next 18 months, Mr Elliott said.

A new workshop was being designed.

The aluminium used to build the boats was imported from around the world. Demand for the product globally from the aviation industry, plus other industry around the world had seen prices soar, but it was still less expensive than New Zealand-made aluminium, Mr Elliott said.

Alloyd Engineering had recently set up an offshoot company Osprey Marine to handle sales and marketing, and to liaise with other companies involved in the finishing of some of the larger boats. Craig and Andrea Thomson had become shareholders in the new company, and Mr Thomson would be running its daily operations, Mr Elliott said.

He and his wife Denise would soon be heading to Australia for the boat's official launch by Shoot Management. Thanks to TRACY NEAL, The Nelson Mail for this.

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