Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Used Pontoon Boats - Outdoor World Trade Show

Hi gang, Rick here from Used pontoon Boats with news from the Outdoor World Trade Show. If you love outdoor sports, the Outdoor World trade show is sure to float your boat. Boats, boats and more boats line the north end of the Amarillo Civic Center.

Also in abundant display are recreational vehicles, campers, sport utility vehicles, fishing gear and everything from fishing guide services to kitchenware.

And don't forget the boats. An array of boats - fishing boats, skiing boats, pontoon boats - stand ready to lure potential buyers.

Doug Parsley has owned I-27 Marine and Power Sports in Lubbock for 15 years. Parsley displays his boats at the Amarillo show every year, he said Saturday. "We always look forward to this show," he said. "We do a lot of business." Parsley said displaying his products at the show will result in about 18 sales during the year. "We (sell) a few here at the show, but most of them will come in the next year," he said. "This just kind of gets them kicked off, gets them in the mood."

Visitors can pet the 3½-foot-long alligators for free and can have their picture taken holding them for $10. Tape holds the animals' mouths shut and prevents their razor-sharp teeth from doing damage.

"Business is pretty good on photos," said Randy Henderson, ranch spokesman. Tamer critters can be found at a pen featuring the likes of chickens, goats and rabbits.

Children also can opt for face and body painting and try their luck at catching catfish from a tank.
One lucky boy hooked a catfish about a foot long and brought applause from onlookers. His proud mother, of course, snapped a picture of her son and his lunker catch. Thanks to Dan Packard at amardillo.com for this.

Used Pontoon Boats, By Rick Ostler
Used Pontoon Boats-North American Waterway

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