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Used Pontoon Boats - Sweetwater Pontoon Boats

Hi gang, Rick again from Used Pontoon Boats on Sweetwater Pontoon Boats and what boat owners have to say.

I would just like to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with our 2002 Sweetwater 2019 SC pontoon boat. We stopped into Atwood Lake Marina on a whim and came out owners of our 1st pontoon boat. It is just a pleasure to take it out on the water and relax after a long week at work. This year we will be spending our vacation on the boat instead of traveling. WE CAN'T WAIT. Thanks again. -Russ Bender -Canton, OH.

Clint (Hardy) called me back in less than a week and authorized me to send my boat back to Godfrey on Travis's next load. I sent the boat back and it arrived back in Memphis in about 2 to 3 weeks in brand new condition. I have never experienced any manufacturer that backs up their warranty the way Godfrey does. I feel Clint went out of his way to exemplify the meaning of "Customer Service" and I truly appreciate all you have done. I have become and will always be an unpaid salesperson for Godfrey Marine. I have told everyone I know of my experience in dealing with Godfrey. I know of two Sweetwaters sold because of my treatment. These were friends of mine that were looking at other brands and both bought a Sweetwater pontoon. My Sincere Thanks! Al Ratheim.

My wife and I were at the Springfield Boat Show in Springfield, Mass, on March 9, 2003. We were planning to look at the options and various manufacturers of pontoon boats. I thought you might be interested in why we selected your boat. As an engineer, I am very inquisitive and look for things that many others fail to notice. The seating comfort is noticeably better in your boat. The quality of the seating material was also noticeably better. Your boat has as nice expansion chamber for release of the fumes while filling the tank. I also like having the watertight Deutsch connecters. We are certainly looking forward to many years of boating with our new boat. You should be proud of the quality that you have put in your boats.

We recently purchased a 20 foot Sweetwater pontoon (fishing model) with 50hp Johnson. We have really enjoyed cruising and fishing with this boat. It meets all our needs and haveing alot of fun with it. I caught a 5 lb 22" bass Marilyn on Green Lake in Northern Michigan (lower penn).I believe the new boat had something to do with it and I wanted to tell you that we really enjoy our boat.

My father as well as myself, my wife and our three daughters had the best summer ever after spending many hours aboard our new pontoon (Sweetwater 2423 SC) cruising the Sebago Lake area of Maine. Thanks for making an affordable and family friendly product. Jim Young Billerica, MA

"This will be our 23rd year with a pontoon boat. The Sweetwater is the best built pontoon boat we have owned, or even looked at. We are very pleased with the unit, and with the outstanding service provided by Godfrey Marine." Regards, Daryl Brown.

"My wife and I attended the Richmond, Virgina boat show in February 2006 to look at pontoons. We originally were pretty much set on another manufacturer but I convinced my wife to go and look at all of them again one last time before we buy. My wife instantly fell in love with the Sweetwater 2586DC. I was very pleased with the construction, warranty and the guys at the dealership. We looked over the Sweetwater pontoon several times and compared it to the one we "planned" on purchasing. After going home that evening and making a spreadsheet of pro's and con's of each boat, the Sweetwater 2586 DC won hands down. Our boat was delivered and as promised we did a complete walk-through from trailering, complete boat functionality, engine care and mechanical operation, docking, dealer set up dock lines and a nice little cruise on the river. Thanks JD and the guys at Southeastern Marine for making my wife and I feel very pleased and comfortable with our new Sweetwater pontoon purchase. WE LOVE IT!!!!" Jimmy and Pam Teets Richmond, VA.

We've had our 18-foot Sweetwater "fish and ski" for 8 years now, and it is certainly among the best purchases we've ever made. It is so well designed, so well-made and really a joy to use. Thanks so much! Erik C. Orlando, Fl.

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